Steve Jobs Movie Looks Horrible

So the official trailer for Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs movie came out and it looks even worse than I feared it would be:

Where to start?  It looks really pompous, preachy, over written and everything else Sorkin is known for.  Of particular offense is the line of dialogue where Woz says Steve can't even use a hammer.  Woz never would have said that, because it simply wasn't true.  Steve Jobs loved to work with his hands, grew up working with tools next to his father, assembled parts in a factory, and soldered mother boards to help sell the Apple 1.  (He even worked in his garden late in life.)

In fact, in Walter Isaacson's biography, which the movie is supposedly based on, Steve Jobs talks about the fence he helped build with his father around the family home.  How his father handed him a hammer, how he used the hammer to help his father, and how proud he was that it was still standing fifty years later.  And how it taught him about the value of craftsmanship which he carried on in his work as the CEO of Apple.

So why go to a lot of trouble to invent stuff, just to slam Steve Jobs?  If you're going to invent stuff, why not fun stuff?  Why not a story where Steve Jobs fights battles with swords and saves the world?

If that kind of story appeals to you, check out Eve's Hungry.  It's on sale now for .99 cents during a limited Kindle Countdown.  If you're an Apple fan, I can promise you'll enjoy it a lot more than this trailer.

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